About Rowley MA

Settled 1639, Rowley is one of the first towns in the Bay Colony chartered by the English Crown. The town still retains some of the flavor of the earlier days. Rich in its past history of Indians, witches, ship building, mills and farming, the town is also rich in scenic attractions.

The Bay Road (Route 1A) was the first public way tracing the coastline north from Boston. Because of this, you will also find the oldest and most historically significant structures representing period architecture from the 17th century through the early 1900s.

For nature lovers and photographers, there are panoramic views of the salt marshes, which are protected habitat for wild fowl. Many of these birds are rare and some close to extinction. The marshes have a beauty of their own no matter what the weather or season. They were so essential to colonial life that each household was allotted a parcel to harvest and maintain for mulch, insulation, bedding and many other uses. Time has changed many things, but the Rowley salt marshes have survived unchanged. A sight like this should not be missed.

If you plan to spend time in the area, just stop in and we will be glad to suggest places to go and things to do. (We’ve had alot of experience!)

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